Sunday, October 3, 2010

Joy 8/82: Artists

Artists see things differently.  This weekend is Sierra Art Trails and it's a chance to see new parts of the foothills, explore artists' studios and see things from their perspective. 

Yesterday I followed the trail and met many artists including:
-- a bird lover who honors them by picking up their dead, scanning them and turning the images into luminous, detailed portraits.
-- a metal sculptor who creates metal art pieces including a life-sized elephant and says he has never bought material for his art ... everything he makes is from trashed metal
-- a painter who does "live paintings" at weddings, capturing the essence of the celebration and all of the guest names on treasured canvas
-- an acrylic sculptor who makes lights that paint an entire wall with reflected color
-- a sculptor whose life is her canvas ... everywhere you look in her surroundings "found objects" have become art.  Empty picture frames hang from trees, a tractor seat is the body of a turkey, paint can lids form a colorful collage and a tree stump is a canvas for bright metal flowers.
Inspiration and awe overflow.

1 comment:

  1. That art crawl sounds great!

    We have several coming up here; one is in the Blue Ridge (it's always fun trying to drive to the mountain top studios).

    Truly, artists are a joy!