Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Joy 11/82: My Bench, Part 2

It rained.  A lot.  And, I learned something about one of the materials I was using on my bench ... it's not waterproof.  It was 3/4 done; now it's not begun.  I had to scrape everything off, clean each tiny tile and piece of glass and count the lessons I had learned.

When I began this bench, it was just a practice project.  I didn't really think it would turn into much ... but then it started to get pretty cool (see the "before the rains" picture below) and I got attached to it.  I was looking forward to seeing it done and looking beautiful in the back yard.  But, I was also having a few niggling thoughts about the way I was doing it.  I knew I hadn't prepped it as well as I should have and there were a few places where I wished I would have done it differently.  So, now I get to start over.  I also know how to do it so I can keep it out of the rain.

It was nice to go to mosaic class yesterday so I could get the sympathy I wanted and the advice I needed.


  1. love the colors and there are no mistakes attitude. :)

  2. Art still triumphs. And you get the proverbial do-over.


  3. OH, no! So sad... A wonderful lesson in the impermanence of life I suppose. But it was SO PRETTY! WAAAAAAAAH.

    Can't wait to see the do-over...