Monday, April 24, 2023

Joyce Wycoff and Gratitude Mojo Joins Substack

Blogger became part of my life in 2009, more than 1200 posts ago. It will always be part of my heart ... however, I have fallen in love with Substack which is an incredibly generous community of writers. For any of you who might be curious about the possibilities on this incredible newsletter platform, I love talking about it. Feel free to contact me at

Thousands of us are already there, raising our voices in a world that needs all of us. I hope you will join us there as we talk about our lives and times. Subscriptions are free and even launching your own newsletter is free. Substack only makes money if its writers make money so their incentive is to help us build writing businesses.

I have just launched a mentoring program and would be happy to talk about strategies and how to best navigate the Substack space and build reader engagement if you should decide to join us.

I posted a Guest Post this morning that I think is particularly lovely ... you could start here:

Harambee, a way of gratitude, Guest Post by Edwin Kiptoo Ngetich

In Kenya when trouble visits you, you will not walk alone

There is so much trouble in our world, I wonder how many of us truly feel that we do not walk alone. I am touched by the idea that communities in a distant land have created what we all so deeply want … connection, community, security in times of trouble and need.

Thank you Edwin, for offering us this inspiring guest post that gives us a glimpse of who we might grow into. I am haunted by your words: You only need to care.