Monday, October 18, 2010

Joy 22/82: Sleep

While I was sleeping, a passing spider
wove a strand of web from the finial
to the edge of the lamp shade
where it glows with a collection of dust
as I sit across the room reading my book.

Where did he ... she? ... go?
And why just that one strand?
Did his telephone ring?
A friend inviting him to lunch,
making him forget his intended chore?

While I was sleeping, a passing spider
called and left his card,
and now that I am awake, I wonder
who else visits in those dark hours
when my awareness visits the cave of sleep.


  1. All those things that go bump in the night...

    Enjoyed this very much.

  2. I enjoyed this very much too!

    Even with the bumpy things spinning webs in the night!