Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joy 17/82: Rock

In each of the dozens of times I've moved in my adult life, a ridiculous number of rocks have come with me.  The house that I almost bought ... the one that was a guaranteed money pit ... had the most beautiful rock outcropping.  I wanted those rocks. 

Now, I have discovered the most amazing thing ... I can buy rocks ... big rocks ... big, beautiful rocks.  I went to Oakhurst Rocks today to look for flagstone and fell in love with a giant rock ... it's quartz with veins of crystals running through it.  They can't even weigh it but know that it's more than 5,000 pounds (the scale limit) and about the size of a small truck ... without wheels. 

They will sell it to me ... and deliver it for about what a low-end iPad costs.  I want this rock ... but where to put it ... hmmmm ... it's not like you can just stick it in the corner of the yard.

About the image:  this is the flagstone I'm thinking about for the patio ... actually a mixture of two.  It reminds me of the canyon lands in Utah.


  1. Ahhh, moving rocks.

    There's somethign so incredibly profound about rocks.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll find exactly the right space.

  2. This delights me. My son uses stones in his Reiki practice. I bought him some very beautiful ones.

    That flagstone is wonderful. I agree that it looks like a canyon wall.

    Please be sure to take pictures when the Big Rock arrives.