Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joy 31/82: Reduction of Media Overload

The chaos of my life the past few years has had some unintended consequences ... one joyful outcome has been the reduction in my media involvement.  My addiction to television and newspapers dropped away (although I am still addicted to Grey's Anatomy which I can watch on my computer).  For awhile I worried about becoming too ignorant of world affairs but I find that the important stuff finds its way in.   What doesn't get in is the daily overload of crime and violence.

I didn't really notice the change that much until I started hearing people complaining loudly about being bombarded with political ads.  This morning I leisurely completed my absentee ballot and actually had to look for information to make my decision in several cases.  Few of us believe completely the political ads that come our way anymore ... which is a shame ... so being able to quietly look for objective sources of information was interesting and reminded me to be grateful for our system. It may not be perfect but it is peaceful and it is free.

About the image:  Cycles of Change


  1. I haven't watched television in years and have never missed it. I do read newspapers still and, of course, use the Web a lot.

    Interesting image this morning.

  2. Maureen ... as much information as you share with all of us, I can't imagine that you would have time to watch television. I do love the amount of time that has freed up by not watching it.