Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joy 19/82: Curiosity

Maureen at Writing without Paper has a series of posts that I love.  Titled "Facts, New or Not," it follows Maureen's trail of curiosity and almost always piques my own.  This week she introduced me to Gregory Smith who entered college at age 10 and was first nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at 12.  This prodigy wants to help the world and already shows great wisdom. Here's a piece of his writing:

by Gregory Smith 
When I approach a door and find that it is locked
or being slammed in my face,
I do not stand there and pound upon it.
I step back
and examine the hinges, evaluate the frame,
and measure the keyhole.
There is no door that is locked forever;
however, it is up to us to find the portal of entry. 
There are several choices:
  1. Knock it down
  2. Bang on it until they surrender begrudgingly
  3. Beg, cry, and plead for someone to help
  4. Sit and wait for the day the door opens
  5. Go build another door and leave it open for others to enter 
I choose to build another door so all may enter!


  1. Smith amazed me. He has a wisdom rare for someone his age, not to mention seeming down-to-earth.

    I'm so pleased you're enjoying "Facts". I try to find interesting items that I think others will enjoy. Thank you for the shout-out.

  2. I too enjoy Facts -- and Smith's wisdom is amazing!

  3. This looks a lot like one of the photos I shot in Boulder... and I love this poem; have sent a link to a friend ...

  4. Diane ... I have such fond memories of our time together there.