Friday, October 15, 2010

Joy 21/82: TED Talks

One of the most amazingly generous offerings on the Internet is TED Talks, short informative, inspiring videos from the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference.  The conference itself is very expensive but videos from the conference are offered to all of us for free.  Billed as "ideas worth spreading," these short talks come from some of the most interesting thinkers in the world.

The video below is just one example of the incredible wealth you can find there.  Be sure to watch this to the end ... it is awesome and humbling.  Are we truly the smartest kid on the block?


  1. TED is such a marvelous resource. You made a wonderful selection to highlight here.

  2. Love the backwards views. Thanks. I never make time to peruse and find all the TED good stuff, but when it comes to me by someone else doing the work. iLike! :)