Friday, October 8, 2010

Joy 13/82: Secretariat

Like most people, I love underdog movies.  In the case of Secretariat, the underdog isn't just the horse, it's the owner, trainer and jockey.  What a joyous story about believing in something enough to risk everything for it.  Even though we know how the races turned out, the movie makes each one of them a heart-stopper.  And, when Secretariat does the impossible in the last race of the Triple Crown, the entire audience was in awe at the power of heart and determination. 

This may be the best feel-good movie of the year.

About the image:  From a wall in Santa Fe.


  1. My sister and now niece and her husband train race horses. We've enjoyed being at the Kentucky Derby when their horse ran. I remember when Secretariat won the Triple Crown. It was magnificent.

  2. C.C. and I had intended to go see Secretariat last night -- but he's down with a flu bug. I'll definitely make it a priority this week though!