Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In Search of Ecstasy

An offering from Link TV's Global Spirit:

In this episode of Global Spirit, host Phil Cousineau explores the ecstatic state — a global phenomenon found in all kinds of spiritual, religious, and wisdom traditions. Cousineau is joined by guests Sobonfu Somé, author and teacher of African spirituality, and Andrew Harvey, a British scholar specializing in the works and teachings of Jalaluddin Rumi. This lively discussion is interwoven with video segments that transport the audience on a journey inside different cultural expressions of divine ecstasy, asking why and how ecstatic trance is practiced around the world, and why it fascinates so many people today.This episode includes unique video footage of a Sufi Zikr ceremony in Turkey – the practice of remembrance that brings participants to an ecstatic state of connection with God. Also featured are powerful scenes of traditional and modern day trance rituals which uncover the altered state experience which people seek through dance, trance and spirit possession. The program features Orisha priestesses from Nigeria and Brazil, and Shaman healers from the Kalahari and Korea, all pulsating to a provocatively similar beat with thousands of young people losing themselves at an all-night techno-rave event in an Australian forest.

Click here to watch the video.


  1. I'm glad I shared finding Global Spirit; I knew you'd enjoy it. Some of the programs are incredibly fascinating, and I learn something from all of them.

  2. Hello Joyce,

    Thank you for sharing this link. I watched the show and found myself. it was a really profound experience for me.

    For years, I followed the work of Gabriel Roth and her Ecstatic Dance movement. Until last year when my foot got so bad I couldn't dance.

    Watching this show, I found myself yearning for that experience again -- thank you.

    As Both Andrew Harvey and Sobonfu Some said, We all yearn for that Divine experience, to find and connect to the bliff fire at the origin of our selves.

    Dance definitely gives me that connection -- time to get my feet and body and spirit moving.

    I connected also to what they said, that when we repress the ecstacy we secretly hunger for, we create what ails us -- depression, addictions.

    Powerful stuff my friend -- once again, I am in your debt.



  3. Thanks Maureen for expanding my horizon and Louise, I'm delighted your delighted.