Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blessing #12: Charter for Compassion

Former nun and religious scholar and author, Karen Armstrong had a wish for a more compassionate world so she took the wish to the TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) Conference and won their support. Karen drafted a Charter for Compassion which stated that compassion is the core of civilized life as well as a central tenet of all religious traditions. When she won the TED Prize, they opened up a website asking for comments and suggestions for further development then a group of world leaders met to write the final charter.

If you believe in the power of compassion, you are invited to affirm the charter before December 31st when it will be sent to world leaders whose countries are involved in conflict. Today I joined almost 32,000 other affirmers ... how many of us will there be on December 31st?

Affirm the charter here ...

More about the Charter story


  1. I signed the Charter the day it was made available to the public and I am seeking to follow its principles daily. I had listened to the TED talk before and yesterday enjoyed listening to Armstrong's discussion with Phil Cousineau and Robert Thurman. I hope that the Charter will receive the attention it deserves. A Peace Institute is going up in D.C. and the Charter ought to be on its walls.

  2. Maureen ... thank you for originally introducing me to the Charter ... and now to Global Spirit ... I joyfully follow in your transformative wake.