Friday, December 11, 2009

Blessing #1: Jes Karper

My blogger friends Maureen and Louise have inspired me to create 12 Days of Blessings found on this magical cyberworld. Here's the first:

Almost three years ago, during one of my darkest hours, I went off with my friend Lynne to Long Caye, Belize, for 12 days of kayaking, snorkeling and healing. There we met Jes Karper who seemed like just another young surfer-guide, life dropout ... at first. We gradually realized that Jes was much more than he seemed. Eager to engage us in his world, Jes was always ready to teach us new things ... how to windsurf, roll a kayak, weave a palm frond hat, out-run squalls in our kite-rigged kayaks, or how the magical world around us depended upon the work of a tiny algae.

Every day his spirit and generosity surprised and delighted us but it wasn't until close to the end of our time together that we also discovered that he was a musician who could move all of us with his spirit-filled lyrics and rhythms. One of my favorites of his songs is "Try on Life" and you can find it at his website (click here) ... it's number #5 on his playlist in the box toward the bottom of the page.

I was so inspired by Jes and his teachings and music that it prompted a longish poem about the delicately intertwined system that he unveiled to us. I've posted it separately as "Long Caye Melody" ... if you would like to read it, click here.


  1. A kind of "Eat, Pray, Love" experience?

    The people we meet unexpectedly seem to be the ones who leave a big impression. Jes sounds like quite a person. Love the image here. And thank you for sharing your poem. Have you tried setting it to music?

  2. I just listened to the music on his site. Very talented.

  3. Maureen ... "setting it to music" ... what a cool idea ... and totally out of my competency realm ... maybe I'll see if it interests Jes. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I love the idea of setting it to music -- can't wait to hear it. And he is very talented.

    Today, as I was running to catch the C-train to get to the other side of downtown, a man exited the train, saw me running and stepped into the doorway to ensure it didn't close before I arrived.

    An unexpected gesture from a stranger.

    Your story of Jes reminded me of that man!

    Thank you.