Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blessing #7: Living Dialogues

As my rolling retreat has taken me from the mountains to the beach, I've spent time with many new friends and a few old ones through a series of "Living Dialogues" hosted by Duncan Campbell. His series features some of today's most interesting thinkers in the fields of consciousness, transformation and evolutionary thought, including Paul Hawken, Richard Tarnas, Coleman Barks, Marianne Williamson, John O'Donohue and others.

Not only does this series offer us a wide range of thoughts and advice, it is completely free. You can subscribe by clicking here. Or go directly to Duncan's site ... ... to read more and hear the latest dialogue.

Unlike most interviewers, Duncan is an active participant in each dialogue, enriching them with an endless supply of stories, facts, quotes and interpretation. He opens each program with the following explanation of the process:
From time immemorial, beginning with indigenous councils and ancient wisdom traditions through the work of western visionaries, such as Plato, Galileo, and quantum physicist David Bohm, mutually participatory dialogue has been seen as the key to evolving and transforming consciousness, evoking a flow of meaning - a dia (flow) of logos (meaning) - beyond what any one individual can bring through alone. So join us now, as together with you, the active deep listener, we evoke and engage in Living Dialogues."®
Since I've recently fallen in love with John O'Donohue, I recommend his two podcasts as a great place to start your exploration of these dialogues.

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  1. Great site, Joyce.

    As I recall, the Speaking of Faith site also has some wonderful pieces on John O'Donohue, one whose writings I, too, love.