Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dragon Country Intentions

Ancient mapmakers
when they reached the edge of the known world,
drew a line and warned:
"Beyond this point there be dragons."

Today, I passed Go,
Skipped through fail-safe and entered
that dark, uncharted territory stretching
deep into the land of the dragons.

I turned my back on safety and security,
Handed in my chameleon badge which for six
Decades let me glide unremarked through
The rushes and thickets of the strange world
That had held my alien soul.

I stretched my back, took off my feathered hat.
Tossed it into life's ring, shouting, "Bring it on.
I'm still here, bruised but not broken,
Ready for whatever comes next.
Ready to take on the reality of me,
Regardless of where it leads or the price it exacts.

No more fear,
No more living the perceived expectations of others,
No more fitting my messy, square-peg-self
Into the neatly-labeled round-hole of normal.

One life-time of tap-dancing to convention's song is enough.
Today my new life begins ... fearless, courageous,
Eyes wide-open, heart blasted free from the past.
From this day, this hour, this moment on,
I claim this life as my own and vow to walk
Step-by-step on my own path, tangled though it might be.

I will listen to what's calling me,
Paying close attention to my own voice.
The Universe offered me a ticket to ride,
Destination: the wind-swept state of my true self,
Impatiently waiting all too close to the border of beyond.

So, on the mirror of my eyes,
I paste a day-glo, neon-orange warning sign:
No whining. No hesitating. No turning back ...
This means you!

written: November 30, 2009

About the Image: Kokopelli's Dance is the first in a series of Affirmation Art that I'm working on.


  1. Wow....love your poem. If only we could all listen to our inner voice and act accordingly, but life is messy and full of relationships that need tending. It's not always easy to find the balance between importance of others in our lives and our own needs for ourselves.

  2. You go girlfriend!

    Awesome poem. Awesome freedom song! Awesome dance!

    I'm so looking forward to the broken wide-open creations of your spirit running free.

    You are an inspiration, a reminder that this is our one and only life -- it's up to us to live it up to our highest good!


  3. You have passed Go! Now, keep on going.

    Love your words and your affirmation art.

  4. Thanks for your support! Now I just have to live these words.

  5. Oh Joyce, what an inspiration you are. Your words give me strength if only for a day to do right by me. How I would love to hang on to your coat tails and take the ride with you. It seems something still got me by the ankles though I'll take your affirmations to help me take flight one day. Your affirmation helped me breath deeply, stand taller and brought forth needed energy to meet the day with a positive attitude. Thank you