Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finding You

"There is someone out there who needs you. Live your life so they can find you."

As I crept through the snowy passes along I-70 out of Denver and then sped through the high, dry plains toward California, I listened to a podcast series that I would soon start to think of as my "RAV-4 Workshop." In getting ready for the trip, I bought myself a new iPhone which has a recording application so I could take notes as I rolled along. One of the notes that has stayed with me comes from Jan Phillips, a remarkable artist and author of several books including, "Marry Your Muse." She offered the Balinese quote shown above. The recommendation to live an "authentic life" is commonplace but this quote puts a different spin on it. Being who we truly are and living our authentic self openly is not just about us, it's about letting the other people in the world who need our message know how to find us. It's the way we activate the "law of attraction."

One thing I've noticed as I've joined the amazing circle of bloggers I call my "Companions on the Journey" is how generously they each share their thoughts, their feelings and their ups and downs on this journey through life. Many times I've read one of their posts only to feel like they took the words straight out of my heart ... and, even more amazingly, that they wrote the words before I even knew what my own heart was thinking. Each of us has our own unique experiences, yet when we share them, we begin to realize that the joys and sorrows are all, at their core, incredibly alike. And, by sharing them, our load is somehow lighter.

Perhaps the health of our world depends on each of us being who we truly are, living the life we were designed for and living it out loud.


  1. Wonderful post today, Joyce. I am blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. Hi Joyce -- truly a wonderful and inspiring post. You touch my heart and open my mind to limitless possibilities -- for love, friendship, joy and abundance.

    Thanks my friend!

  3. Living out loud takes courage, your blog gives me just that. Thank you