Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blessing #3: Kickstarter

Imagine for a minute that you are an avid fan of Calvin and Hobbes and someone offers you a chance to be in a movie about the cartoon ... for a mere $125. (Click here for more info.)

Or perhaps you would like to help create a poetry bomb ... literally, a real, military practice bomb that will be filled with poetry and then taken on tour across the U.S ... for as little as $1. (Click here for more info.)

Or help create a web video series focused on the Big Questions ... for a mere $5. (Click here for more info.)

Or maybe you have a creative project that you would like to launch but need a little seed money to get started. Singer/songwriter Sabrina Velaquez needed $5,000 to make her first album and raised it in 2 months from 61 backers. (If you'd like to hear Sabrina, click here.)

All of this fun happens at kickstarter.com which bills itself as a "funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers... "

So let your imagination run wild and then think about what it would take to make it a reality. Kickstarter is there to help. Or help fund a creative project that captures your imagination. Kickstarter makes it easy.


  1. Isn't kickstarter great? My husband sent me an e-mail about it several weeks ago.

    I love the idea of a "poetry bomb". I immediately see poems dropping all over Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and then the smiles. . . .

  2. This is awesome Joyce! Thanks so much for hsaring it -- I can't wait to have a moment to 'breathe' when I can go and investigate all that wonder!

    Christmas is jam packed with busy-ness at the shelter. Time is precious -- I love the idea of the poetry bomb and guns firing bullets of love.