Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creativity Cleanse: Day 10 Painting Granola

What a title!  What image does it conjure in your mind? Mine saw: purple raisins, pink almonds and sweet lime green clusters dancing with yellow M&Ms.  When this blog title popped up on my blogroll from Jill Berry's blog, I couldn't resist it.  Curiosity demanded that I stop what I was doing and find out.

However, I should have known, coming from Jill, that it would be deeper and more beautiful than my imagining. Jill's friend makes the "best" granola so Jill decided to make her a fancy recipe for the friend's pantry.  Here's Jill's description of her process:  

I gathered pictures of all the plants that were involved in the recipe: orchids that provide vanilla beans, cardamom that comes from a ginger plant, the leaf of the maple tree that provides the syrup for sweetness.  I drew the ingredients along with the text.
It's worth a visit to her blog to see what she's creating.

"Painting Granola" is becoming more than just a blog title for me, however.  As I continue on this Creativity Cleanse journey, everything is taking on a metaphorical color and "painting granola" seems to be a call to look beyond the surface of things and make art from the backstory, the source, the iceberg hidden below the water line.  

We never see all of anything and maybe that's the job of art ... to reveal the unseen, provide a glimpse of the interconnection of everything, to touch the vibrating strings of Indra's net and transmit the energy and electricity along to the viewer.

About this image:  reflections on a building in Denver.

The video below is an amazingly beautiful discussion of Indra's net and the illusion of separateness.


  1. Thanks for sharing Jill's blog. I'm in awe of the work she put into creating that recipe card. It's beautiful.

    It's fun to think through the possibilities of "painting granola", especially those crunchy clusters.

  2. This is fabulous! And thank you for sharing the video. I am in awe.

  3. Beautiful Video! Lovely imagery - all jewels in the net of Life!

    And a lovely blog as well!

  4. Maureen ... I think you "paint granola" in your poetry, finding ways to express the unseen in such lovely words.

    Louise ... I can't believe you had time to watch the video with all that's going on with you ... glad you enjoyed it.

    Mystic Meanderings ... thanks for leaving your comment which lead me to your lovely blog. I wonder if we were almost neighbors ... I left the Boulder area almost 2 years ago.