Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creativity Cleanse: Day 3/21 Artifacts

On Day 2, I recognized an unwanted belief that felt like it was a boulder tied around my ankle.  Part of this Creativity Cleanse (I've decided) is using creativity to release barriers and beliefs that are not serving me.  So I decided to see what would happen if I used fantasy and imagery to get rid of that belief.  In the fantasy, the boulder around my ankle turned into an ankle bracelet with bells on it so I could dance lightly on my way through life.

Years ago, my friend Jerry McNellis taught me the power of artifacts, tangible items that hold meaning and memories for us.  So I decided I needed a real ankle bracelet with bells on it and happened to find a perfect one on etsy ... tiny bells so I won't go clanking through the world, just a gentle tinkle once in a while to remind me to dance and live exhuberantly.  I can hardly wait for it to show up.


  1. I'm enjoying reading of your journey, Joyce. And I admire your spirit, which I imagine the bracelet will hold.