Friday, November 11, 2011

Creativity Cleanse: Day 4/21 Creativity Can Save the World

Recently I was on the receiving end of "mistreatment."  It was a small act but it felt disrespectful and hurtful.  It offered me the choice of being in reaction mode, and I jumped at it and started closing down, pulling back.  While driving from one point to another a couple of days later, I "wrote" (in my head) a letter to those involved.  I was right; they were wrong, and I wanted to tell them that in a gentle, eloquent but clear way.  Fortunately I got distracted by my Creativity Cleanse activities.

I really like the people involved and after a few days went by, I was able to convince myself that their actions were not intentional, just clumsy and perhaps a bit insensitive.  In my "feeling wronged" state, I had pulled back from a project I wanted to do, determined to disassociate myself from the offending parties.  However, the focus on cleansing my creative channels helped me understand that I wanted to do the project, that it was a way for me to express my creativity and serve others, so I put the reaction feelings away and did the project.  

And, of course, it was a good thing, in some ways a thing of grace, a reminder not to take things personally and to remember that everyone we meet is carrying a burden and may not act in perfect harmony with our feelings and wishes.  In this time when there are so many things wrong in our world, for me this seems like a reminder that I can act as a warrior and try to right the wrongs, slay the dragons, set things to right ... or, I can be peaceful within and without and simply focus on creating beauty and joy.

What a reminder that creativity can save the world.  It is the divine spark within us and, however we express our creativity, we are sharing that spark, adding it to the embers of others, igniting a fire of beauty, joy and caring for each other that could change everything.

About this image:  This is a picture of a bowl from my mother.  I took the picture to photography group last night as an example of "convergence."  I feel like I am currently in a state of convergence where things are coming together.

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  1. Lovely, grace-filled post, Joyce.

    I don't think I would have guessed your image originally was of a bowl. What you did with it is wonderful, as if joy radiates out from the center.