Monday, November 21, 2011

Money Dolls Work!

A few months ago I met a woman who told me about "money dolls" and swore that she received unexpected money after paying special attention to her money doll.  Julie Mitchell, an incredible spirit doll artist, was at the same event and she went home and created her own money doll and began honoring her.  She also started receiving unexpected money so I started badgering her to do a money doll workshop.  A group of us finally gathered together at my dining room table yesterday to create money dolls.  (Mine is at the left.)

Julie was extremely well organized and brought everything we needed to play.  It was a creativity feast ... an abundance of fabrics and feathers, paints and beads, clay and charms.  She guided us through the process so easily that within a few hours we all had money dolls that delighted us.  Here's a picture of one of Julie's money dolls.

I won't know for awhile whether or not unexpected money will show up but I know my money doll works ... she already brought me abundant warmth and friendship in an afternoon of creative play.  And she looks so powerful sitting on my night stand that I think she just might bring me exactly what I need.


  1. this was so perfect! I was catching up on my reading this morning, read this, and then a friend came for her birthday lunch and was worried cuz her alimony is running out, so we sat down and made money dolls!

    Thanks for another great suggestion (you're just full of them!)

  2. How fun that you and your friend made money dolls! May they bring prosperity into our lives ... and to the world.

  3. Thank you joyce for the kind words regarding our time together...I worked you all so hard. It was fun and I felt the abundance I always feel when I lead one of these gathering or women sitting in a circle creating something that holds meaning for them and didn't exist before...
    YOu Money Doll is lovely and looks quite abundant...I do hope you are chanting..
    “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha”.