Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everyone Is a Storyteller and Storymaker

Maureen Doallas at Writing without Paper has introduced me to another wonder:  Beatrice Coron, who could be called a paper cut artist but who is also a storyteller, cultural observer and commentator, and filmmaker.  The foundation of her work is story and the belief that everyone has a story to tell

She states: I don't know the stories.  I take image from our global imagination, from cliches, from things we are thinking about, from history, and everybody is a narrator because everyone has a story to tell.  But, more important, everybody has to make a story to make sense of the world.

Spending a few minutes with this delightful woman is well worth your time.


  1. I was so impressed by her skill both in her art-making and story-telling. I think she's fabulous, all the more so because she's unassuming. And her background makes her all the more interesting.

  2. I too was enthralled by her art-making and story-telling. A delightful 18 minutes.