Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Are We?

Who Are We?
Literally ... Who ARE We?

we are stardust
held together by light
filled with an ocean of
two gases that form a liquid.

50 trillion cells
each deciding who they are and what to do
through messages received from outside
living within an illusion of form.

we are a wave
of energy experiencing life as a particle
touching and being touched
observing and being observed.

we are temporary
and timelessly eternal
spirit made manifest
extraordinary made ordinary.

we are god
creating the world anew each day
from inside God
we are, each one of us, a miracle.

-- Joyce Wycoff, 2010


  1. Very nice, Joyce.

    Please consider joining us Tuesday night (9:30 - 10:30 EST) for our bimonthly TweetSpeakPoetry jam on Twitter. We use the hashmark #tsp. Prompts are issued and we each tweet on them. It's a lot of fun and quite fast-paced.

  2. Hello lovely Joyce,

    There is an African tribe who do not have a word for 'love'. they say -- I am beautiful in my heart for you.

    your heart is beautiful -- that's who you are! A beautiful heart.