Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Story

Thoughts on readings from Notes from the Song of Life by Tolbert McCarroll, known as Brother Toby.

"You are a necessary part of a long story." One of the people I love most in the world is having a hard time and it's partially my fault. She is a bright, creative, passionate young woman and I've tried to be supportive and loving but I've fallen far short of my intentions. I've let my own insecurities and fears keep me from being who I wanted to be with her and from sharing with her my heart and my spirit.

This morning as I picked up this book, I suddenly realized how little I had helped her understand her place in the world. Now her spirit is crying out for help and I'm hoping that this slim volume of daily readings will help guide me in finding a way to guide her.

I passed along today's reading to her and I especially hope she hears these words and that they find fertile ground deep within her.
You are a guardian of the seeds for the world to come. All that has gone before and all that is yet to come is within you. Through you passes humanity's saving fire. You are running in a relay. This is the moment you have been chosen to hold the torch. You cannot refuse to run. Whatever you do is part of your page in the story of life.

Be yourself. That is who you were meant to be. You are a note, a necessary note in a beautiful song.
And, for myself, I hope I find the courage to truly be who I am in the world and never again withhold my heart or my spirit.


  1. Such beautiful words, Joyce. They go well with what Louise wrote today.

    Be gentle with yourself. Even when we find a way to guide, our advice is not always taken. When we offer it with a full heart, we cannot fault ourselves.

  2. Yes Joyce -- I'm with Maureen. Be gentle with yourself. we can only give our 100% where ever that is -- however that is. We cannot 'make' someone hear us, heed us nor abide by us. we can only give our best and leave the rest to God.

    Be of gentle heart my friend.



  3. Ah, Joyce -- these sound exactly like the words I was sharing with my daughter this weekend. She's in a tough place -- a good place, but tough -- and I wish I had raised her with more of the resources she needs to battle through. I can give them to her now and just hope she can hear...
    Good luck to you and yours; we've done all we can, the rest is up to God.