Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Corona Gift: Virtual Movies

Trailer photo: The Woman Who Loves Giraffes
Maureen Doallas posted on Facebook about a new film: The Booksellers. Following that link, I found a list of virtual theaters offering movies and trailers. It reminded me that recently  BrenĂ© Brown talked on a podcast about her “movie nights” where she only watches trailers because they are designed to deliver an emotional punch.

When I started exploring this link, I found a list of virtual movie theaters all across the US, each offering several movies and their trailers. I had just decided to sign up for amazon prime or Netflix but wasn’t thrilled by their offerings. Since the list did not include a theater in Reno, I clicked on Denver and found a trailer for The Woman Who Loves Giraffes. I happen to love giraffes also (who doesn’t?) so I watched the trailer and weeped … a sure sign I’ll have to rent the movie tonight.

The movie is offered by the with this info: For over 40 years, Denver Film has focused on building a rich community through the art of film. During this temporary closure of our home at the Sie FilmCenter, we have partnered with distributors to bring you theatrical releases of films that were set to open at the theater, right to your home, with part of the proceeds going to your favorite arthouse.

I quickly realized two things:
  1. I’d much rather have my money go to these local cultural organizations than the biggies like prime or Netflix.
  2. I love going to the movies and sitting in the dark with a group of unknown people who all laugh at the same lines and weep at the same sorrows. However, it has become increasingly hard for me to find movies that call to me. (Probably a function of age and having seen so many already.) Anyway, after looking at the 20-some odd movies offered by the Denver Film group, there were only 2 that didn't sound fascinating. 
 This is going to be an adventure and I will document what I find in this space and would love to have you come along with me. Popcorn optional.

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