Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joy 50/82: Amazon.com

I'm not a shopper and I can't remember the last time I went into a department store but I love books so I was a natural for Jeff Bezos' dream of an online bookstore and the beginnings of internet shopping.   I've bought a ton of books from amazon but it has also become my retailer of choice for cameras and various other items such as my new lime-green weed whacker.   Amazon reviews helped me decide on the right one and had it on my doorstep in a matter of days.  It is exactly what I needed and wanted.

The word-of-mouth review process developed by amazon helps all of us be better shoppers and I've often wondered why bricks-and-mortar retailers and manufacturers don't seem to take the reviews seriously.  When I was looking for my weed-whacker, the only ones carried by the big box hardware stores all had uniformly horrible reviews.  Companies spend a fortune on marketing research but I wonder if they ever wander through the review sections at amazon and other sites that offer reviews.

Yesterday amazon sent me two "100 best books of the year" lists and I'm working my way through them and adding to my wish list.  If you didn't get the lists, here are the links:

 Top 100 Editors' Picks  

Top 100 Customer Favorites 

By the way ... did you know that before it was "Amazon" the company name was Calabra?  And that in 1999 Jeff Bezos was name Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for popularizing online shopping?


  1. I didn't know the earlier company name. I think he made a wise choice in selecting Amazon.

    I've only purchased books, although my husband has used Amazon for other buys, too. I've found that with books, it often has the very best deals on price and almost always has titles B&N lacks.

  2. I am a confirmed Internet Book shopper - and Ihave bought a camera online and a dress -- which was something. And c.C. has bought several cars!

    Quite the review you've put together -- and between your photo and Diane's over at Contemplative Photographer -- I feel calm and relaxed!

  3. I'm a TOTAL Amazon fan: living on an island, Internet shopping is way easier than long drives and ferry rides. Yes, I use our island bookstore, or at least I look there. But they rarely seem to have what I'm looking for, while Amazon can really deliver: we even bought an EXERCYCLE from Amazon (a mistake, it got broken in shipment and had to be sent back). But we get all kinds of stuff there because we know we can trust them and their return processes.

    So, YEAH!