Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joy 49/82: Backyard Progress

Remodel projects are seldom straight lines but this one has been very snaky.  I didn't set out to redo the back yard; I was just going to take out an ugly raised bed ... and then the pine tree that really didn't have room to grow, and there was no reason for the pergola to be there in the middle of the yard ... and suddenly there was nothing left but dirt which turned into a swimming pool when the rains came.

What to do with the space?  Flagstone?  Concrete? Pavers? Screened-in room?  Possibilities flew around till I was dizzy.  Decisions came and went but the quotes went one direction ... up!  Finally work began only to be stopped by the rain again but Wednesday arrived bright and shiny and progress began.  It's behind schedule and over budget ... but it is beginning to look like a backyard again.

I've moved a lot in my life, but this morning when I looked out at my not-quite-finished patio, I felt at home.  I am where I belong. I am at peace.

About the image:  this is the before ... an over-crowded, small backyard.  "After" picture coming soon.


  1. YOu sound so incredibly happy and content. Your soul is singing in love!

  2. I agree with Louise. Each of your posts is a joy to read, because of your joy.