Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joy 48/82: Gallery Showing

Last night I did something I never expected to do, something I couldn't have dreamed of putting on my bucket list even a few years ago.  I went to my first art gallery reception where I was one of the artists in a special show titled Water: Source of Life.  It was a juried show and I was delighted and honored to be among the other artists featured in the show, artists I respect and admire, artists who inspire me.

The show was eclectic ... from a beautiful, handcrafted boat to a collage of trash representing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch ... from an installation of the life of water dripping from its ice form into a basin of floating leaves to a series of photographs of the amazing colors and textures of flowing water.  It was a tribute to water, a reminder of the central role it plays in our lives, a plea for its protection.

One of the most amazing aspects of this event was showing with incredible artists who have become and are becoming my friends.  Vivian Helena's painted cow skull honoring 35 cows lost in the Fresno River a few years ago was sold before it was even hung.  See her blog for the image.  Becoming a member of an art community is one of most amazing gifts of this past year and a confirmation that moving back to the Sierra foothills was the right thing to do.

About the image:  Heart of Water is one of the images I entered in the show.


  1. Congratulations! Would love to see your work in person some day.

    Show theme is interesting, and your description wonderful.

  2. Wow -- that is so incredibly exciting Joyceann -- and deserved!

    Me too -- I want to see your work in person some day!


  3. Your work was beautiful, and you deserved to be there!!