Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Joy 37/82: Free Elections

On this day of all souls, I will be a microscopic cog in a mighty wheel, one of the hundreds of thousands of people working to assure our basic right to cast our vote, speak our minds about the future of our country.  Last night several of us met at the Oakhurst Community Center to set up the tables and the voting booths.  Today we will feel the weight of democracy as we carry the carefully sealed bag of ballots to the public place and follow the detailed instructions on how to make sure every registered voter has a chance to place their vote in the sealed ballot box.

The small group of us working here in Oakhurst are undoubtedly of different political views as this commuity is a microcosm of the whole.  And, yet, we are all here with one primary purpose:  to see that the process of voting is done fairly.  We have taken an oath to carry out our duties with integrity.

In some ways today and the process I will be involved with is largely symbolic as a large percentage of voters are now voting by mail.  By now, most people have made up their minds about the candidates and issues on the ballot so the course for our future has been cast.  Let us pray that the decisions are good and the candidates chosen are wise enough to live up to the challenges before them.


  1. You my friend are my island in the sun, my sea of friendship and love and laughter.

    Thanks for letting me swim in your warm and inviting waters of life.

  2. Such public service is much appreciated! I hope you enjoyed the day.


  3. Thank you for all you do, Joyceann.

    I'm going out to vote in a few minutes. I'll be doing it with my fingers crossed and with hope in my heart.

  4. Have I told you how much I love you guys? You, too, Don ... but in a totally different way, of course.

    The odd thing about all our recent elections is that half the people are ecstatic and half are depressed as hell. I'm not sure what to make of that.

  5. Anything that looks rusty and gear-ish intrigues me greatly. Hence iLove this. :) smilin'