Monday, November 8, 2010

Joy 43/82: Creative Diversity

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."
  -- Margaret Mead

There wasn't a lot of diversity in the mosaic class ... at least not the ethnic, gender, age and socio-economic variation we normally think of as diversity.  But there was a lot of creative diversity.  The woman who sat across from me was working a table top and it was meticulously and beautifully designed and crafted in tiny bits of glass.  Down the table, a woman worked on a box topped with a bright red sculpture of tools surrounded by dinnerware, china figurines, tiles, beads, glass, medallions, and so on. 

Each piece was completely unique and reminded me once again of how unique each one of us is.  Given some time and a lot of material to play with, what comes out of us reflects our individual perspectives and life experiences.  I love watching this process.

This gallery offers a quick view of the pieces created during the retreat.


  1. Thank you for sharing the gallery pics. Some very imaginative pieces.

  2. Wow -- this is imagination unlimited. Very cool.

    thanks for sharing. You make me want to sign up for a ceramics class!