Friday, November 5, 2010

Joy 40/82: New Moon

Tonight is the New Moon at 9:52 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). Where I live now has a minimum of ambient light so the moon and the stars are just stunning.  The moon has always held great meaning and mystery for us and the Power Path School of Shamanism has this to say about the new moon tonight and how we might celebrate it: 
This is a great time to honor the feminine, to go back to zero, start over, clean your slate and set your intentions. These should be your intentions about you and not about someone else. How do YOU want to manifest, create, express and feel? You will definitely want to spend some time by yourself today connecting in with and appreciating the power that you do have to intend for things to be just the way you want them. Make sure your intentions are set from essence and not created by the personality or one of the obstacles such as greed. Being as this is the month for resolution, completion and healing, this is also a good time to simply observe in yourself what needs attention in these areas and set an intention to complete, resolve and heal whatever needs it.
About this image:  "Winter Night" ... of course this is a full moon rather than a new moon.


  1. How interesting, because I'm been turning over in my mind a new collage I want to make for someone.

    Love the image!

  2. Go for it, Maureen ... and be sure to share it with us!

  3. I like the picture and I like new moons. Especially, honey-harvest moons.

  4. Me too -- very beautiful Joyceann! and love the thoughts.