Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reflections on Intentions

Earlier this year, I wrote an intention as the beginning of an experiment to learn more about intentions.  I wanted to see if there were more powerful methods for crafting and bringing intentions to life. 

My intention statement was quite specific, involving moving to California, living in a wonderful house with lovely outdoor living space surrounded by big trees and a view of the ocean, being with my soulmate and working to help people create their own spiritual realities and being part of the consciousness that "tips" the world into a new state of being.

Results (so far):  Since I didn't know for sure where I wanted to live in California, I was determined to wait for an invitation.  It came in the form of a completely unexpected invitation to work on a video project about an exciting new high school. It made the decision to move back to the Sierra foothills a very easy one ... and one that feels absolutely right.  I expected to rent until I could afford to buy so I was delightfully surprised to be told I could afford a modest place with really "lovely outdoor living space surrounded by big trees."  No ocean view but a right nice one of the mountains.  No soul mate on the horizon but one of my best friends decided a move was called for in her life so she will be sharing my home.  No new work but a lot more clarity about what kind of "work" I want to do.

So what have I learned about intentions?  There's power in specificity ... but there's wisdom in openness.  In many ways, my results do not look like my vision but it feels like where I am is better than where I thought I wanted to be.  After living with and thinking about intentions for the past six months, I'm not sure I'm smart enough to know what I truly want.  The Universe seems so much smarter than I am.  Sometimes, it's only after something has arrived, something that I truly couldn't have foreseen, that I realize that it was what I wanted all along.

So now I wonder if it would be smarter to try to intend "states of being" and let the Universe figure out the details.  Perhaps intentions should be more of a partnership agreement with the Universe.  We could intend to be happy, healthy and harmonious and let the Universe work out the details of how that state is achieved.

With that in mind, I start the second phase of my intention experiment. Here are some of my intentions for the rest of the year:

I intend to be creative every day and to make art abundantly.
I intend to dream and be given the capacity to make those dreams come true.
I intend to be delightfully surprised every day by the beauty, abundance and magic of the Universe.
I intend to connect deeply and have inspiring, transforming conversations with my tribe.
I intend to know how deeply I am seen and appreciated by my companions on the journey.
I intend to be invited into new, exciting adventures that open up new worlds of possibilities and connect me to fascinating fellow travelers.
I intend to be vibrantly healthy and energetic.
I intend to stay on the aurora-shimmering Life Boat and unlock the mysteries of the Universe and my self with my new abalone key.
I intend to allow the abundance of the Universe to fill my spirit, my life and my bank account.

Let there be wonderful surprises beyond anything that I can possibly contemplate.
About the image:  Aurora's Guardian.  My friend Emily Meek is an incredible painter and an advanced "dream tender."  We spent the last few days together and, building on the process of tending one of her dreams, we found our art merging together, mine building off of hers and then hers building off of mine.  It was an amazing experience.


  1. I intend to dream every day.
    To be creative and invite creativity into my life
    I intend to let myself go
    and be.

    I love your new intentions -- you inspired me!

  2. wow Joyce, this is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Intending for things and for form just does not work for me these days. but I certainly can intend my state of mind and my relationships
    Thank you

  3. I thought you might enjoy this piece written in 1904 by Bessie Anderson Stanley

    To have lived well,
    Laughed often and loved much.

    To have gain the respect of intelligent men, And the love of children.

    To have filed a niche,
    and accomplished a task.

    To have left the world better,
    whether by an improved poppy,
    A perfect poem or a rescued soul.

    To have appreciated earths beauty,
    and not failed to express it.

    To have looked for the best in others,
    and to have given the best of yourself.

    That is Achievement.

    Bessie Anderson Stanley

  4. Your intentions are expressed beautifully. And they're achievable, every one. Supporting you all the way.