Monday, June 21, 2010


Meet Missy.  She reminded me to "never say never."  She came into my life because my "almost mom" wanted a toy poodle.  I thought they were frou-frou dogs and I had no expectation of even liking the dog, let alone falling head over heels for her.  I know people are always highly biased about their dogs and children, but Missy truly is the sweetest, funniest, smartest dog I've ever met. 

When I left Arkansas, I thought I was saying good bye to her forever.  But, life changes and tomorrow I'm on my way to Tulsa to pick her up.  So, for the next week I'll be driving across country, changing life once again.  I'll keep you posted on the MIssy chronicles.

About the photo:  Missy is a really good dog ... but give her a stuffed toy and she focuses obsessively on its destruction.  Record time:  8.5 minutes.


  1. Have a safe journey -- and I am so happy for you that Missy is coming home with you!

  2. Journey safely. Just think: Your very own Guard Spirit!

  3. I cant wait to meet my new "sister" and I know Ava will be overjoyed to have a doggie to visit.