Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making Art

After almost four months of not making art, I'm now obsessed with it.  I'm sitting in an empty classroom on the Brooks Institute (photography school) campus while 12 freshmen and sophomore students are having the time of their lives shooting their stories on three different sets.  It's a photographer's wonderland ... colors, shapes, faces, juxtapositions and I've had a great time shooting images and the kids. 

And now I'm playing.  Layering things together to see what shows up, tweaking, adding, subtracting, and experiencing the delight that happens when something surprising shows up.  This is a chair and shadow superimposed on an image of a paint spill.

Life is good ... very good.


  1. Oh, this is wonderful, Joyce. The muse is definitely back!

  2. Gotta love the muse and her outpourings -- this is beautiful and whimsical and lovely!

  3. This is so inspiring! I think I'd love to be on a campus with young people expressing themselves creatively again. Beautiful image!!!