Saturday, July 31, 2010

How Does Money Want to Come to Me?

Now that the unpacking and re-organizing is winding down, I've begun to think about what's next.  A couple of projects have presented themselves.  Both have attractions and both seem to be not quite right.  My friend Diane at Contemplative Photographer recently posted about strolling the "Via Negativa."  She quotes David Whyte from The Heart Aroused:
"The Via Negativa is the discipline of saying no when we have as yet no clarity about those things to which we can say yes.  We take the via negativa when there is not yet any sign of the via positiva.  But in the continuous utterance of the no is a profound faith that the yes will appear -- not just because of the law of averages, but because we have said no to so much.  In a way, if we treat our destiny as a potential marriage, it chooses us as much as we choose it, and like a seeker for our hand, deems us to be serious about it through our continued refusal of the wrong suitors.  We create in effect a kind of energetic vacuum into which something we recognize can appear."
I looked at my life this morning and realized that I am in love with it and refuse to say "yes" to anything that would disrupt the incredible beauty that has formed itself around me.  But, if I continue to say "no" to projects that come my way, how will I allow financial abundance into my life?  I decided it was a topic for my morning walk and as I walked, I asked the question in the subject line.  It was a different way of thinking about it ... rather than how can I make money? ... how does money want to come to me?

The answer that formed in my mind was that it was like pollen from trees.  Amidst the pine trees here in the foothills every spring a soft yellow dusting of pine pollen covers everything.  The image that came to me was that money wants to come to me as naturally, organically, gently, periodically and without effort as the pollen from trees.  The trees are already planted, there is no need to shake the trees or pick the pollen.  I just have to let what happens naturally happen and be awake and aware of the season when the pollen arrives abundantly.

It is not pollen season right now and I do not yet have clarity so my job is to continue on the Via Negativa, living in the energetic vacuum that will attract the right project, the right motion, the right activity that will prepare me for the next pollen season.


  1. I really like how you composed your way to think about money and its place in your life. The metaphor of the pines' pollen is expressed beautifully.

  2. This is expressed beautifully Joyce -- and as I was reading it my 'inner eye' saw you making space for artist/writer retreats in the beauty of your surroundings.

    Don't know what that means -- but it was a beautiful image of you walking amongst the trees.

    thank you for your continuous inspiration.



  3. Maureen and Louise ... thanks for the notes ... and Louise, I'm delighted to be in your imagery and love the thought.

  4. I came back to look again at your post and read Louise's note about retreats. What a great thought! Given your creativity training background and your deeply artistic soul, you could be our very own version of Jan Phillips.