Sunday, March 22, 2020

Corona Curiosity, seeking inspiration, answers, and solace in an upside down world

The main thing that seems to calm my heart and my mind right now is art and writing. From this need Corona Curiosity was born  as I wonder where our world will be when we reach the end of this crisis and what we will learn along the way. I don't know where this is going or what it intends to be. I'm trying to just show up, listen, and record.

I've assumed it will take the shape of a photo essay book since that's where my passion is right now. So, everything is being put together as pages. 3/30/2020: I'm up to 17 pages so I'm putting them into a magazine format and will update it periodically. To see the latest version, go to Corona Curiosity.

I believe fully that "this, too, shall pass," but my goal is to  come out of this challenge feeling more productive, more creative, and grateful for what I have learned from the experience.

Stay safe and find ways to feed your creative spirit. joyce

United States 

April 7:  Confirmed cases: 380,743; Deceased: 13,739; Nevada cases/deaths: 2,087/58
April 6:  Confirmed cases: 352,160; Deceased: 10,369; Nevada cases/deaths: 1,953/46
April 5:  Confirmed cases: 312,807; Deceased: 8,802; Nevada cases/deaths: 1,742/46
April 4:  Confirmed cases: 293,500; Deceased: 7,896; Nevada cases/deaths: 1,742/43
April 3:  Confirmed cases: 258,409; Deceased: 6,582; Nevada cases/deaths: 1,458/38April 2:  Confirmed cases: 236,072; Deceased: 5,777; Nevada cases/deaths: 1,458/36
April 1:  Confirmed cases: 197,902; Deceased: 4,138; Nevada cases/deaths: 1,279/26
March 31:  Confirmed cases: 174,684; Deceased: 3,400; Nevada cases/deaths: 1,044/17
March 30:  Confirmed cases: 143,724; Deceased: 2,601; Nevada cases/deaths: 920/15

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