Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thus Sprach Flora

Thus Sprach Flora
In millennia past, most of us would be cowering in corners, seriously considering blood sacrifice. The gods must be angry. They need to be appeased.

I’m not entirely sure that the wisdom that has come through science is all that comforting. Before, when we believed in magic, we felt like we had some control; we could take action toward fixing the catastrophes that fell our way. In today’s world, science tells of tectonic plates that bend and crash following their own course. There’s no glue to put them back together again.

Today, a stunning flower pulled me into art with no thought of the world and its conditions. A random thought and an old photo, brought a man into the picture … and then things took on a life of their own. The pretty flower became a powerful force blasting a beseeching human.

Turns out, the ancient Romans worshipped Flora, the goddess of flowers and offered her prayers for the prospering of the ripe fruits of field and tree. She was seen as the essence of youth and merriment.

Somehow, I think we’ve pissed her off. 


  1. That's a very powerful image Joyce! And beautiful.

    And wow -- the serendipity of our posts last week was pretty amazing!. <3

  2. Louise ... our paths seem to weave together even from a distance. ;-)

  3. Beautiful image and powerful post, Joyce. I think Flora is beyond livid and heartbroken--like many of us.