Thursday, September 7, 2017

A black bunny came to visit

What would he call us?
This morning a black bunny gamboled onto my patio. I’m not sure how he got there since I’m surrounded by walls, but there he was, his dark coat gleaming, obviously a pet out looking for new adventures. Yesterday I put out some sliced apple for the birds; he thought they were for him.

What does it mean when a black bunny visits you the morning after a full moon? According to some mystics, this full moon portends "a time of big energy that can be quite emotional and overwhelming.” Does that mean we can blame all of this political chaos on the moon?

They also say, "This is a good time to dream your future.” Right now the future that I would dream would use all the excess moisture from Harvey and Irma (and Jose and Katia) to quench the fiery west, with enough left over to clean the swamp spewing forth from the White House. However, that’s probably a dream beyond my measure. So, back to my bunny who is now asleep on my patio as if he might stay.

One blogger about the meanings of things reports that dark-colored animals connect us to our deeper feelings, the dreams lurking below the surface or in unexpected places. That seems a little serious for these nose-twitching, peaceful and curious beings.

While I watched him today, he munched on a stem of a flower, sampled my apple, hopped around the garden nibbling grass, slept in the sun, scratched and munched some more. I think he’s demonstrating how to live life. 
“Dumb bunny” is a disparaging term we call ourselves or others when they do something stupid. It makes me wonder what bunnies would call us with our complicated, striving lives and our difficulty knowing when enough is enough?


  1. HA! I laughed out loud at yr final question and girrl, did I need that laugh! thanks

  2. I love it....your writing is superb! Thanks for sharing...