Wednesday, September 20, 2017

There's a new mural in town

Day 4/100 
I love wall art. This one is by Irish street artist Karma, who has become well known for his political stencil work that critiques capitalism and the absurdities of modern life.

There is something about art that is free and available to everyone who happens to walk by.  No blue ribbons, cocktail chatter openings, no art-as-investment talk. Just an artist putting his or her creation on a blank wall. There is a fresh vulnerability and a openness to connection that touches me.

Here's another one of his, a little sharper than the one above. Source: Widewalls

A week or so ago, I was shocked to see a solid, white wall on my evening walk. I don’t remember what was there before, but I know it wasn’t white, which must be the loneliest color in Ajijic. 
It took me awhile to notice the artist and the beginnings of the mural which were hidden behind a car. 
Ajijic Mural by Romy Guevara
 I stopped to chat with the artist Romy Guevara and saw the design for the entire wall. Now, I look forward to seeing the progress every night.
Tonight I noticed the addition of a blue pig with wings and heard the entertaining story about how the pig became Romy’s talisman. He is now known as Mr. Blue Pig.
Romy Guevara and his blue pig
For any of you who are locals here in Ajijic, Romy’s studio is at 41 Colon and his wall is on Colon and 16 de Septiembre. Stay tuned for progress images. You can like his Facebook at Romy Guevara ... you'll see the picture of his pig.

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