Thursday, September 28, 2017

Behind the walls of time and elegance

Elegant doors make you wonder what's beyond
Yesterday, a resident here opened his home to a group of photographers who walked around the home and grounds in a state of delight. In Mexico, from the outside, elegant homes often look like just any other wall. You never know what lies beyond the colorful facade.

This hacienda was one of those that opened up into a graceful courtyard garden and pool area surrounded by grand but comfortable living places. It was like walking back in time into another world of style and refinement. It didn’t take much to imagine that the dining table exquisitely set for ten awaited guests who would talk of art and politics from insiders’ points of view. Apparently one of the former owners was Elvis Presley’s lawyer. Imagine the stories he might have told.

It’s easy to think of Ajijic as a humble lakeside village … and, it is. However, sprinkled throughout the area are these jewels of elegance, retreats for the rich and sometimes famous. Recent times have seen the development of upscale, amenity-rich, gated communities. They are lovely, but young, without the wrinkles of stories and time to give them grace, mystery and a certain “old money come and gone” charm.

Here are a few photos. (Note: there is a tour here called "Behind the Walls" where the curious can explore more of the life and elegance that lurks beyond what we can see. More to come.)
Life in a near-perfect climate, allows a lot of outdoor living.

Who might be coming to dinner?

I wonder if words of wisdom poured into their heads as they slept?

An inviting blue pool surrounded by art.

The gardens were lush and varied, but one of my favorites was this unusual member of the milkweed family ... a balloon plant.
 And, as in most of life, it's the details that make a difference.

However, my favorite image of the day had little to do with money or man, but rather, the play of light.

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  1. Oh, my. Thanks for sharing the peek behind the walls...

  2. "...the wrinkles of stories and time that give them grace" is the hidden poem of yr post. And my fave image, like yrs, is the play of light one.

    1. Thanks for finding the poem and getting to the end of a long post for what I thought of as the cherry on top except it was on bottom.

  3. Dreamy home...hope we find our 'perfect spot' soon.

    1. best wishes ... there are so many truly interesting homes here.