Sunday, September 3, 2017

A new muse arrives: Profunda - Surprise and Mystery

Profunda (more at Digital Art Gallery above)
A couple of days ago, I wrote about the Beauty of bad photos and accompanied it with an earlier version of this painting, titled "Fashion Fairy." What a surprise when a friend asked a question that made the Fashion Fairy reveal her true identity as one of the nine digital muses.

To recap the story: deep in central Mexico, there is a sacred place where, if you stand in just the right spot, your voice echoes as if you’re in a deep valley. There is also a wooded glade known to be inhabited by elves and fairies. Visitors bring small toys and candies and hope for a glimpse of the wee folk.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to see an elf or a fairy but I did find many of the toys left for them, including one that caught my imagination and led me into using it in a painting. I knew when I saw the discarded doll that she had a regal, compelling stance and demeanor. For the entire process of creating her image, however, she withheld her identity from me, merely calling herself the Fashion Fairy. I was okay with that.

Then a friend asked me if the Fashion Fairy was one of my nine digital art muses. The question shocked me since I hadn’t even thought about that possibility. Sometime ago, I came up with a list of digital art muses (click on the heading above for more info), so I went through them to see if any of the descriptions fit the Fashion Fairy.

It took me aback when I read the words for Profunda: Surprise and Mystery … unexpected combinations or altered perceived distances or locations can create a sense of surprise or mystery that lets us see things in a new way and deepens our connection to the world.

Here was this broken and discarded toy, left in a place of mystery and mud, and some how she became a figure of fashion and beauty, a queen of the elf-world … a muse. After writing that, I heard her say, "You thought I was a castaway when actually I was an offering to the elf world. I am here to help you see beyond your eyes."

I hope she forgives my ineptitude as I now introduce Profunda, digital muse of surprise and mystery. You can meet her sister muses at the Digital Art Muses heading above and clicking on the Digital Art Gallery heading will take you to my gallery.