Sunday, October 1, 2017

When the leaf speaks, I listen.

Blasting Open
Going through old photos, I found a neon sign that said “Open.” It pulled me into playing … but it went no where so I moved on.
Then there was this wonderful leaf … a coleus I believe … with an incredible spiral. Okay, I’ll play with that and see how far I can take one image. Layers later it was turning into something but it demanded a playmate, so I tossed another image into the mix. Ah ha, now it was really getting interesting.

More layers and all of a sudden “Open” (the sign) wanted to be part of it and then wound up blasting an “opening” (duh!) into the whole concoction.

So that’s how it goes. Perhaps I should just call myself a ring master. 


  1. Things aren't always what they seem. And other times, they're exactly that and more. Gorgeous coleus. Wow.

  2. You ARE a ringmaster, of course-- an excellent image for your artist self, as you direct the traveling company of your photos and your words and all the aspects of your omnicurious self

    1. Thanks, Susa ... I do kind of like the metaphor. ;-)

  3. Spirals in nature are so beautiful and with the open sign on it makes for a clever juxtaposition. The coleus is gorgeous.