Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What I didn’t know this time last year

"Change Begins" Joyce Wycoff
Today doesn’t seem that different from yesterday and I don’t remember last week being all that different either. 
It makes me wonder how change squeezes it’s way through the door. Today is the last day of October, which, duh, makes tomorrow the first day of November. That’s significant because last year I did NaNoWriMo … the National Novel Writing Month. Remembering that made think about what’s different about now that I never would have guessed on this day last year. 

So here’s a partial list of things I didn’t know at this time last year:

- I didn’t know that I would finish NaNoWriMo with a 55,000-word rough draft of a novel and then do nothing with it.
- I would have sworn the election would have turned out differently.
- I definitely didn’t know I was moving to Mexico and that I would choose Ajijic as my home.
- I didn’t know my creative path would turn away from novel writing and back to digital art.
- I’m glad I didn’t know that I would lose Missy, my charming companion of ten years.
- I didn’t know that so many new friends would come my way in this small Mexican village.
- I didn’t know I would get a chance to volunteer with the premier Mexican Folk Art fair which happens in 2 weeks.

Obviously, change happens in drips as well as floods and it makes me wonder what I'll look back on this time next year and think, "Wow! I didn't expect that!"

What’s present in your life today that a year ago you had no idea would be here?


  1. Great post! Very interesting! So much is so different! Last year on this day I was at work in my cubicle. Didn't have a clear picture of where I'd be living in a year or what I'd be doing there. Definitely planned not to be living in Ajijic! And here I am a year later retired and living in Ajijic and enjoying my life hugely!

  2. Amazing, huh? What do you think we'll be saying at this time next year?

    1. Hoping I'll be saying how happy I am to still be living in Ajijic!

  3. I didn't know last year at this time my daughter and her husband would be expecting our first grandchild. I didn't know I'd not be retired but would instead have taken on a new role with a front line agency -- and be really happy about it. I didn't know we'd be getting ready to move to a new house.

    And I didn't know my mother would be in a wheel chair but still going strong at 95.

    Lots changes -- love this post. And questions!

    1. Wow! a new member of the family ... how exciting. So many new things ... congrats!