Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sierra Spring

A Moment in Spring

by Joyce Wycoff

Sometimes there is a moment in spring
When tender shoots of grass
Turn an achingly innocent green
And flowers swirl wild and blue.

Birdsong brightens the soft, southern breeze
Honeyed by orange blossoms
While sun and shadow dance a light show
Through clouds heavy with new rain.

At that one moment, the flood of spring
Crushes the pale breath from my chest
And spins my mind into a mute daze
Filled with stunned anticipation.

I yearn to capture it, control it,
Make it mine . . .  but then it’s gone;
Passed on to another moment in time,
Leaving me shaking with a need unfilled,

Knowing I can only wait and watch
For that next moment in spring.

(c) Joyce Wycoff, 1996

About the Image:  There were a whole flock of lambs on this bright spring day but this was the only one who was curious enough to come close enough to have his picture taken.  There is a whole gallery of Sierra Spring pictures available here for those of you who are craving spring.


  1. Lambs make the best pets. Our last one was named "Sport" and he was a riot.

    Wonderful image. I also especially like the last one in your series, of the wood sculptures, which look like a beautiful piece of public art perfectly sited.

    Thank you for giving us Spring.

  2. Maureen ... those wooden sculptures are actually just tree snags ... but I've always loved them not only for their shapes but because they mark the entrance to the foothills ... at least for those of us who have decided that that's their purpose.

  3. We had spring bum lambs every year. This brought back those memories. Spring does leave us aching somehow. Lovely.
    (PS. Would you trust me w/snailmail address? I love to send cards with stamp.