Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guardian Angel: The Dancer

Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philos-
opher and social thinker who founded Anthro- posophy and the Waldorf School movement spent much of his energy trying to find a synthesis between science and mysticism; and to build a connection between the cognitive path of Western philosophy and the inner and spiritual needs of the human being.

Steiner spoke of guardian angels and other spiritual beings as a reality. Their existence, he said, is a spiritual and scientific fact that can be researched and studied by clairvoyance. One of his aims was to enable people to connect again with these spiritual beings not only for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of the other kingdom of nature and the whole destiny of the earth's evolution.  In his book Guardian Angels, Connecting with Our Spiritual Guides and Helpers, Steiner states  "... people actually only notice a small part of life.  A large part goes unnoticed, and because they do not notice it, they believe this part of life does not exist."

Several studies show that most Americans believe in angels.  A article states,
Randall Balmer, chairman of the religion department at New York's Barnard College, says  "Americans live in an enchanted world," and engage in a kind of casual mysticism independent of established religious ritual, doctrine or theology. "There is," he says, a "much broader uncharted range of religious experience among the populace than we expect."
The Dancer (lower left) -- she dances through life freely and with abandon.  She is at home in her body and in the natural world.  She is sensuous, passionate and communicates her true self through her physical self with generosity and grace.  She teaches me to be more open and free and helps me honor and understand my body.  She reminds me to dance!  She helps me truly love my own body and honor the physical act of making love.


  1. An angel after my own heart, as ability to dance is one of our most wonderful gifts.

  2. Hello lovely Joyce of the winged spirits.

    Ahhh... Rudolf Steiner. A man with great wisdom and deep intuition. My daughters went to the Waldorf School here. I was so enthralled with their kindergarten years I wanted to go back and re-experience mine -- it was an amazing school and a wonderful way of teaching what is important in this life of wonder.

    And to dance. I am a dancer. Love to dance. when I dance I do not think -- what a blessed relief to have my mind quiet as my body goes into full motion. Have you checked out Gabriel Roth's work? I have danced her work for many years -- and it is truly liberating.

    Thank you for showing me your guardian angels. Like you, they are sources of great wonder and delight!