Friday, March 26, 2010

Guardian Angel: My Angel

I close this series with my main angel ...

My Angel (center center) -- with golden wings she flies, unrestricted by mortal time and space.  She is free, graceful and golden in her nature and presence.  She is strong and solid in her self ready to protect me from anything that comes my way.  She tells me to go where I want, do what I want, to follow the yearnings of my heart and that she is always beside me, always there to give me what I need.  She reminds me that I need have no fear.  She helps me do what I came here to do.

And bringing you this wish from all of them ...

The Trail Blazer's wish for you is that you always have your North Star clearly in sight.
Wisdom Woman sends you synchronicities that remind you of the magic of the Universe.
The Dancer wishes you music that stirs your spirit and leads you into Dance.
The Twin Souls enfolds you in unconditional love and help you embrace your Shadow.
Spirit Woman surrounds you with the eternal mystery of Beauty.
Black Beauty invites you feel the deep connection with the Earth.
My Angel touches the yearning in your heart and whispers, "Fly!"

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  1. Thank you, Joyce, for sharing this series with us. I've enjoyed reading about all of your guardians. They're very special. As are you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!