Thursday, March 24, 2022

Been There Voices - Anita Perez Ferguson - A March Poem


A March Poem

In a world of sorrow, thank you for planting flowers.

When you plant and water, you are a midwife in the birth of delicate creations.

Flowers give evidence of God’s wondrous creation, season after season,

even in the midst of turmoil and pain.

Take heart, see their beauty, join in the process of renewed joy.

You are God’s partner creating colorful miracles with your own hands;

plant, tend, kneel.

Let your garden balance the pains of our troubled days.

Let the flowers be a banner of God’s love waving in a war-torn world.

Let them comfort your sorrow.

May your flowers bless all who see them, drinking in dew, dancing in the sun.

They are fragile as you are fragile.

They are God’s beloved as are you.

** Anita Perez Ferguson, PhD
, Santa Barbara, CA, young adult historic fiction author
Books; Twisted Cross (2020), Women Seen & Heard (2019)

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