Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sweet Peace #14: Sticker Tarot

Sticker Tarot

"Time and reflection change the sight 

little by little 'til we come to understand." 

-- Paul Cezanne

Celebrating the first 13 weeks of Sweet Peace gave me a sense of progress and an acceptance of and settling into this journey. Recently, in order to make my Gratitude Mojo journaling more fun, I bought a bag of 800 stickers. I’ve never been much of a sticker person but the graphics on these captured me. 

At the end of every week in the journal, there is a space to celebrate the week so I sorted through the larger stickers and found one. When I stuck it on the page, it made me laugh and  swear I could feel a surge of dopamine, one of those lovely molecules that motivates us and makes us want more. I began to find other places for those stickers. 

I even created Sticker Tarot. Somewhat like Tarot cards, without the official guidance, I would choose a sticker at random and then find some connection to the image. Sometimes it was a bust, however, often it made me think about things in a new way that probably wouldn’t have shown up otherwise.

So, it wasn’t a surprise when stickers started showing up in Sweet Peace. It had been several days since I had written in my Sweet Peace journal and I was facing the dreaded BLANK PAGE. Things were going along, not swimmingly, but not badly. Nothing dramatic to report. I almost put the journal away when I decided to pull a sticker. (The one shown above.)

Suddenly, words started flowing:

The Universe of Sweet Peace:

    I had an idea ..

and I’m implementing it.

    The more I invest in it,

the bigger and more impactful it becomes!

    Just like this image, there are thousands of




outside sirens calling


All swirling me this way and that,

competing for my attention,

seeking love.

But I am holding true to myself.

Action is the power.

That led me into summarizing the lessons from the first 13 weeks:

Starting the day is critical:

- recommit to a plan

- review my objective

and the pitfalls of failing

- nourish myself with Mojo Cookies 


The first “justification decision” opens the door to FAILURE

- close the door IMMEDIATELY

(or as soon as possible)

Know thyself; love thyself

- be kind and try to find out what’s missing

and deliver a peaceful solution

Think NFTT (non-food tiny treats)

- make a list to have when needed

Not a bad outcome for starting out with a blank mind looking at a blank page.

Addendum: I am on Day 16 of a 30-day sugar fast … and I’m headed for Santa Barbara where there will be sugar lurking and a birthday party. That is not a justification. I've made a commitment to myself and I intend to keep it.