Monday, March 14, 2022

Spring for Ukraine

Spring for Ukraine

a grandmother carries her old dog into exile
a man puts on a heavy mantle of leadership
13 Davids stand up to a Goliath warship
a pianist plays a last song amidst the rubble
a farmer pulls a tank away from a battle scene
mothers carry their children into a foreign country
fathers cry as they put their families on trains
a little girl stands and sings to refugees in a basement
a convoy of enemy tanks, forty miles long, halted
a pregnant mother and baby die when a bomb hits
teenagers with skateboard kneepads march off to war
a BMW convertible, machine gun mounted,
driver sitting at the ready,
Mariupol: 400,000 children, women, men,
no food, no water, no electricity.

I awake to an almost spring day in a warm bed,
gratitude spreads like the morning light
momentarily softening the horror
that we're

-- joyce wycoff