Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Ten Questions of Solstice 2019: #5

2020 is a once in a lifetime opportunity … a year of perfect vision.

The Solstice season begins a new cycle and offers us a chance to get ready for the coming adventure.

For the 10 days between Solstice and the last day of the year, a new question will be offered to help prepare you for the wisdom coming your way in 2020.

Day 4:
Day 3:

Day 2:
Day 1:

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  1. Each of us is such a small part of the world. Our impact is usually also quite small. That said, I want to NOT cause harm, try to care for the beautiful, unspoiled land that my parents gave me, and speak out against the larger forces that are ignoring the damage they do, often even hiding their actions when they are very aware of the long term damage. I want to open the eyes of the city dwellers to the wonders of nature that they may not be aware of....and ask them to help keep the areas that are still pristine, safe from future harm. But, it's an uphill battle. Fewer humans being born may be the only solution.