Friday, December 6, 2019

Leonard Cohen 30-Day Tribute ... Day 14: Interview 1980 - Where were you?

Click here for interview.
Day 14: Interview 1980

From YouTube notes: Extensive interview by Patrick Watson, broadcast on CBC February 8th 1980 in the show 'Authors'. With poem readings of Death of a Lady's Man. 
Leonard talking about drugs, writing, marriage and many other things. I've reconstructed the interview by using two sources compromising between the best quality and the completeness of the interview. This explains the differences in quality of certain passages. "It's too late to change my name and it's too late for suicide"
Almost 40 years ago.  
Where was I? Where were you? Leonard's gone and we're still here ... forty years wiser? I haven't actually listened to this interview yet; it's 45 minutes long so I'm going to listen to his words and see how they weave into my own life of 40 years ago.

Would love to hear your comments.

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